Third party assessments can easily be conducted across all the third party relationships. Rapid and large scale assessment programs are enabled through Trudexia  collecting, assessing, evaluating, and analysing  controls and risks with each and every third party relationship.

Board level reporting is automated and always available making risk decisions fast and making assurance efficient.



Monitoring of the supply chain requires more than a once off check that is conducted at the time of on-boarding a third party. Monitoring requires continuous updating of the risks to your company that could be sourced from the third party supplier network.

Trudexia has continuous monitoring of the risks that are sourced from third parties. Always up to date. Always as they change.


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Gain Visibility & Control Around

Third-Party Supplier Risk




Customers are more demanding than every. As compliance work load increases, so to does the cost of responding to customer demands in proving worthy suppliers.

Trudexia provides an easy and always ready to respond platform for all due diligence requests. Load, save, store, re-use all of the previous compliance responses within one place.



Sharing has been long spoken about in cyber security. The technology in Trudexia is finally allowing sharing of information in due diligence and cyber security to create an accelerated end to making risk decisions. 


Trudexia is built from the ground up to share information through a number of technologies that enable the secure exchange of information without compromising privacy or changing the assessment framework.