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Trudexia collects data direct from third parties combining  surface scans for greater accuracy and trust 

The Trudexia intelligence data exchange analyses and creates scores for each third party based on your tailored criteria

You are presented with scores and reports based on your tailored criteria

See only your truth with Trudexia - based on your criteria - make faster decisions with greater trust

See Your Truth

Third Party Risk Mangement

More than a score for your suppliers. A first in comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment platform for suppliers for greater security of your organization

Personalise your supplier reviews

✦  Define the criteria 

Personalise your supplier reviews

Take control of your supplier risk management with Trudexia! Get the precise information you need to protect your organization from cyber threats

Maintain one source of truth across your organisation

Streamline your supplier cybersecurity risk management efforts maximizing productivity for all your assessments, tools, and files into one platform. 

Customised Cyber Risk Assessment Framework

Tailor the cybersecurity risk assessment framework to suit your unique business needs and criteria, ensuring that you get the information you need.

Always monitoring


Stay ahead of the curve with Trudexia's continuous monitoring of your suppliers' cybersecurity risk ensuring you have the most up to date data from our intelligence data exchange

Integrated Attack Surface Scan


Uncover weaknesses in your suppliers' cybersecurity defences with Trudexia's advanced surface scanning feature. Surface scan results are integrated into the supplier profile increasing confidence in the report

Up-to-date Intelligence 


All cyber security information is brought together and constantly updated, so you can make informed decisions based on the most current and reliable data available from the Trudexia intelligence data exchange and Trudexia Surface Scans

Be notified of changes


Notifications are delivered directly to you when needed to keep you informed of any changes to the supplier risk profile. Changes and updates to the risk profile of suppliers come from Surface Scan results and more relevant, from the very supplier themselves as they contribute new information to Trudexia assessments globally

Continuous Assessment

Why use Trudexia

Complete Cyber Risk Profile

Consolidate multiple cyber risk assessments into a single profile to save time and money, while still getting an accurate and reliable view of supplier cybersecurity risk

Remediation Plans

Receive easy-to-follow remediation plans with actionable steps to help you keep track of supplier progress and provide suppliers with help to focus on mitigating risks that are relevant to you

Experience matters

Benefit from Trudexia's extensive experience and track record in providing supplier cybersecurity due diligence services to clients across industries.

Affordable and Scalable

Get high-quality cybersecurity risk assessment services at affordable prices not matter how large the supplier numbers you may have so you can protect your organization without breaking the bank.

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