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Live Event ‘Managing Cyber Security Vendor Risk In 2022’

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

On the 24th of March, join me online at a live event ‘Managing Cyber Security Vendor Risk In 2022’ discussing when something bad happens.

Do you know that in protecting data, vendors are the weakest link?

Are you looking for a solution to overcome your despair with cyber security risk of vendors?

Join the founders of Trudexia, Paul and Russell who will share their joint cyber security industry experience of over 40 years consulting to large enterprises on cyber security risk management of vendors. The session will introduce how you can embrace vendor risk management data to overcome the challenges.

During 40 minutes session we will talk:

1. Setting the scene

- The hero leaves the ordinary

- Get over the barriers

2. Pitt of despair

- Realisation of the problem

3. Something bad happens

- Maybe a breach

- Maybe Log4 J

4. Q&A

You are welcome to ask questions, share your experience or opinions with us through the talk. Look forward to seeing you all!

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