Who we are...

Who we are and what we stand for?

Trudexia is bringing us together to further the cyber security resilience of all involved. Changing the world together is what we stand for. Together with all the subscribers... come be a part of it.

Trudexia has no rules and and no restrictions. We are taking your frameworks and furthering the cyber security resilience of your supply chain. Together.


In a world complete, only with a supply chain. Risks, and cyber security incidents are common place. It doesn't have to be. Working together with all involved, Trudexia has customers that are not content with the status quo. Moving the cyber security resilience forward, as one, is our world... your world... come join us.


Being passionate about cyber security resilience for all us is Trudexia... we can make it happen


Why re-define TPRM

Third Party Risk Management - Out of control

Is your third party risk management out of control. The risk continues to grow. The effort continues to get out of control. 67% of data breaches are traced back to third parties being breached.

It is time to re-define the way third party risk management is done. This is Trudexia.  Re-defining third party risk management needs a complete change from the traditional approaches of the past. Trudexia is a platform that delivers third party risk management with benefits to all parties involved and has subscribers all over the world.

The one-to-one legacy approach to risk assessments does not scale and only creates work for both customers and suppliers in areas that we all rather not be engaged in. Trudexia is a collaboration effort between customers and suppliers, sharing and exchanging of due diligence information to accelerate and bring efficiencies to the third party risk management process.

Trudexia Benefits for All

We are here to help your business.

Trudexia is at the forefront of disruptive thinking when businesses think about business risk. We’re turning risk management on its head by delivering knowledge through a collaborative community of subscribers, greatly reducing the workload for everyone involved. We are helping companies deal with their risk problems by extending their reach within their relationships.

This extended reach is achieved through Trudexia's collaboration that brings together the end-to-end assessment and assistance required to find and fix risk related issues within relationships. The collaborative community approach delivers immediate results for our customers by sharing risk knowledge attained through the collective subscribers efforts to share their assessment results.

Our company is committed to assisting all business with implementing due diligence throughout their relationships.

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